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No-salt sauerkraut

Sauerkraut, no salt
This sauerkraut is extremely healthy, especially for women. It extracts DIM -di-indolyl methane - from the cabbage which is protective against cancer especially breast cancer. It boosts the immune system. This is in addition to the benefits of crucifers in the diet for heart disease prevention.
The natural bacteria in cabbage cause permentation of the cabbage, so this is a source of pro-biotics, providing higher quantities even than yoghurt.
The recipe is salt free or low salt to allow people with high blood pressure to enjoy the benefits of this food.
Sauerkraut made with salt takes 3 weeks to ferment: this is much quicker. 7-10 days.

1 head of cabbage - about 2 lbs, 1 kg.
1/2 bottle white wine. 750 ml
150 ml vinegar (e.g., apple cider vinegar)
500 ml water
pickling spices to taste

Shred the cabbage finely, rinse under cold water.
Put in crock or  glass container  with a lid that seals.
Add other ingredients. The liquid will initially not cover the cabbage. Put on the lid and shake thoroughly. Store at room temperature.
Once or twice a day give it a good shake to coat the cabbage with the liquid. Release the lid and you will hear an escape of gas. This may be a little smelly at firest because of the sulphur compounds in cabbage. Don't worry, this will pass! The fermentation takes 7 - 10 days.  Towards the end the cabbage will have softened and will be covered by the liquid. When you release the lid you will hear less gas escape (and it won't smell as bad!)

Place in a large pot: add salt to taste: leave out salt if you are on a very low sodium diet: try "Mrs Dash" soy sauce instead:  bring to a temperature of 160 for 15 mins. This will sterilize the sauerkraut so it will store for a long time in a sealed container. This length of time will not over-soften the sauerkraut and make it soggy.
Bad point - sterilisation kills the probiotics:
Good point - you won't get food poisoning with prolonged storage!
Regular sauerkraut has so much salt it does not need pasteurisation.

When cool, transfer to sealed jars and store in refrigerator.