Studies of diets that lower cholesterol.
Chapter 1.
The "Plus Diet" outline.                
Chapter 2.
Reduce saturated fats.
Chapter 3.
Reduce absorption of dietary cholesterol
Chapter 4.
Stop making cholesterol
Chapter 5
Lower Triglycerides
Chapter 6
Foods allowed in the "Plus" diet
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
The Plus Diet and Cancer
Chapter 9
Do we need supplements?
Chapter 10
All about cholesterol
The Plus Diet
Lower cholesterol
Reduce the risk of heart disease
Reduce the risk of cancer

What is the role of fibre?

Can I get enough plant sterol in my diet?

Anti-oxidants are anti- what?

Fish oil  or fish? What fish?

Is soy a "magic" food?

Who wants to live to 100 on a diet of nuts and twigs?
A child's introduction to the cosmos:
"Xandra and the Entropy of Chocolate Chip Cookies"